Little Coastal Co Dried Floral Reed Diffuser

Product Info

Coastal Co’s Dried Floral Reed Diffuser features a statement dried floral arrangement paired with a beautiful fragrance to infuse your home.

This bespoke diffuser is 100mls and contains high-quality fibre reeds which should not need flipping like rattan & bamboo reeds, this is also to protect the florals from the oil.

Your Dried Floral Reed Diffuser should last approximately 3 to 6 months, however, this can depend on several factors such as room temperature & airflow. Diffusers are recommended for small to average size areas for optimal scent. More than one is recommended for large spaces.

High humidity and mishandling of the florals may result in a lower life expectancy. They are delicate, so please handle them with care.

Scent  | French Pear