2022 ... the year things changed!

2022 ... the year things changed!

Posted on December 31 2022, By: Amy Mahony

2022 ... the year things changed!

If anything has taught us over the last few years, it's that you can never be too sure what's around the corner, and 2022 definitely showed us this!

This year has been our biggest yet ... it's was BUSY and I type that with as much emphasis that I can get on the word! 

We started the year really close to New Years with a beautiful little elopement onboard a boat on the 3rd January, and we finished the same way on the 21st December with another small wedding... but all the events in-between were so different!

2022 had us jumping right in to weddings and events with small elopments in early January. Amy and Sara took some time early in the year to spend with the family and just have a break after what has been a crazy couple of years!

January is generally a quiet period, but we were kept busy with meetings with couples to finalise their wedding details and as of 5th February 2022, we were back into full swing! The weddings then started with full force with some of our most beautiful weddings at our favourite venue's including Shoal Bay Country Club and Saltwater at Fingal Bay.

From January to March we executed 36 weddings and events ... we had one wedding in particular whose images are constantly being sent to us as inspiration, which was the stunning Egan and Sondra. What a vibe this wedding was, and if you want to see more, make sure you check the blog out. We still had staff having to take time off with COVID which made things interesting - one day we could have a full team, the next we could be a few down.

Things generally slow down from April which is always nice. This is the time when we get in to planning mode within the business - we came up with some amazing ideas for 2023 and had team meetings to get everyone onboard. We laughed, we cried, we enjoyed the quiet moments and took family holidays.

From August things really ramped up quickly ... it felt like the year had just started, then we were back to doing beautiful weddings most weekends. In early September we had a team meeting, and it was at this time we worked out that we had 72 events between September and Christmas shut down. Throw in some workshops, awards nights and other big events, and we knew that it would be heads down for a few months! 

In November we were lucky enough to be nominated for the florist category for the Port Stephens Examiner Local Business Awards, and WE WON! We celebrated the night with our husbands, and we were just so blown away with the Port Stephens community and how they have got behind and supported us. 2022 really showed us who are our biggest champions, and we couldn't be prouder to receive such an amazing award.

We wound down the year with an amazing dinner at Julio's at Bannisters with our team and the LOL's went late into the night. 

In December we closed for 2, well deserved and needed weeks, and reflected back on the year that was our biggest yet.

This year we learnt that you should always trust your gut, have an amazing team with you and celebrate all the milestones.

Thanks to everyone to shopping with A Beautiful Occasion; who booked a wedding, who came in to see us, our team, our families, our customers, couples and everyone who believes in us.

We love you all

Amy + Sara x