Weddings and COVID

Weddings and COVID

Posted on August 06 2021, By: Amy Mahony

Weddings and COVID

Well well well …. here we are again; a place we really didn’t think we would ever have to be.

March 2020 saw A Beautiful Occasion, like most businesses in Australia, come to a standstill. Weddings as we knew it stopped and we all went into lockdown. This was a hibernation time for us, and we knew that eventually, weddings would be back, but what they would look like, nobody knew.

Then as 2020 went on, restrictions eased, and weddings started back up. We were delighted to get back into it and really thrived after the quiet time in the middle of 2020.

2021 saw us relishing being back at delivering wedding ceremonies and receptions at our favourite local venues like they always once were. We managed to get through till July and we had some lovely couples saying “I DO” in the process. But then, everyone’s worst nightmare came to life again.

The Greater Sydney region has been locked down for the last 5 weeks, and we’ve definitely felt the effects of that. 90% of weddings for August and September have been postponed to December 2021 onwards, and all our couples that have postponed, have been amazing to work with.

We 100% understand how stressful it must be to plan a wedding only to have to move it, and this is the reality for some couples. We have some people who are on their third date, but we always do what we can to ensure we are helping them to get their dream wedding to come to life.

No matter what your wedding looks like, whether it be a small elopement then a big celebration later; just 5 people at your ceremony and that’s it; your huge dream wedding and everything in between, we are here to help you get through it.

We postpone weddings easily. We have an amazing team behind us and can smoothly execute many weddings in one weekend, so please know that we will always be 100% focused on your wedding when that time comes.

And whatever you decide you want your wedding to look like, we are OK with that too. Small and intimate; large and plentiful, we have you covered with everything you need.

If you are looking at booking your wedding, just know what we are humans too, and we completely understand that it is stressful to plan a wedding during a pandemic.

Reach out if we can help,

Amy + Sara