Elope or a small ceremony then PARTY (when we can!)

Elope or a small ceremony then PARTY (when we can!)

Posted on September 23 2020, By: Amy Mahony

Elope or a small ceremony then PARTY (when we can!)

Recently we have been seeing this amazing trend of those wanting to still get married during COVID and then celebrate later with their loved ones… and we this this is such a great alternative!

Elopement by definition is “an act or instance of running off secretly, as to be married”. We believe that ‘elopement’ sometimes gets confused with a small wedding. If you’re eloping, it really is in secret and just 5 of you (the couple + 2 witnesses + celebrant) but if it’s a small wedding, it’s generally around the 10-15 people mark.

We are loving how these weddings are so intimate, and by no means scrimping on the finer details, like flowers and styling. In fact, the current trend is that couples are spending more on small weddings, as they want it to still look amazing. There are still arbours; still bouquets; still aisle flowers and still our beautiful signing table and chairs.

Here are some of the benefits of having a small wedding or elopement now, then celebrate later with your loved ones:


The fact that there are only minimum 5-15 of you at your wedding ceremony makes the whole event feel more intimate. You are able to completely immerse yourself into your wedding, into your ceremony and into the words that you are hearing. You’re not worried about if all your guests have arrived and what is happening around you.


The photos we are seeing coming through from small weddings and elopements are just beautiful. The images capture the moments perfectly and are full of love and emotion.


You can really get married wherever your heart desires when there is a small wedding or elopement. You’ve found the perfect spot on a rocky headland, not a problem. A small park that is private and sheltered; perfect. We can make any location look ceremony worthy and help you turn your vision into a reality,


Monday at 9am suits you? Perfect; us too! What about Friday at sunrise on the shores of George Reserve, Soldiers Point … sure; no problem! When you’re not worrying about trying to host 100’s of guests, you can make your ceremony any day and time.


We recently did an elopement during lock down with just 5 people, and the Bride had already purchased her dress so why not wear it! She found out that her dress was tricky to sit in, so since the wedding, has been on the hunt for something a bit more comfortable. She loved the bouquet and arbour we styled for her so was happy to utilize the same colours for her “reception” which was rescheduled for 2021. These guys decided to use the elopement as a test run and really, why not!


Of course we still think you should celebrate with your friends and family because after all, you are still getting, or have gotten, married! Some things to think of are; are you going to have a ceremony again (with the legal components removed) or are you just going to have a party? Are you going to go with the same theme or try something new?

Whatever you decide to do, we will be here to help you every step of the way. Even though the world has lost its mind at the moment, it doesn’t mean that love doesn’t exist.

We can’t wait to chat to you about your upcoming wedding; big, small or elopement style!

Amy + Sara