Posted on June 12 2023, By: Amy Mahony


So, you’ve taken the time to complete your enquiry form, researched then attached all your images and you’ve submitted it to us … now what?


This is the point where we really take the time to put your proposal together thinking about all the information you’ve given us which is why it’s so important to include everything on your enquiry form. We have an amazing back of house system that we’ve tweaked to suit us, so when we’re putting your proposal together, it really is personalised!


We look at your images and see if there is a theme, colours or something that really stands out. We are generally able to get all the information we need from your enquiry form, but if we can’t quite nail it, we always ask the question so we can get it right from the get go! We would rather ask the question to clarify, than you get your proposal and it be nothing like what you’ve asked for.
We always add your images to your proposal and a mood board for the colours, and we will also add images of our own work so you can see what we have previously created too. We might even include some things in “possibilities” which are things that we think you might like, but haven’t necessarily asked for on your enquiry form. These are food for thought items.


Which brings us to the next big question of packages, and why we don’t have them. After being in business for 11 years now, we really have been able to work out what works and what doesn’t. Every now and then we think it would be easier to have a package; a simple click of the button and bam, your proposal is done, but we always come back to the same thought of “there are no two brides, couples or weddings the same”! Each couple is individual, so why shouldn’t your proposal be individual too? In saying that, we have tried packages in the past and we did spend more time changing them to suit each person, so we canned that idea and now really concentrate on the individuality of each proposal.


And now for the honest part … proposals take time to put together. It’s not a 2-minute job because we know that wedding planning is important, so we take the time putting your proposal together. During peak wedding season, we do concentrate on the weddings that are taking place and making sure these are executed to our high standard and sometimes your proposal might take longer than usual, but please be assured that when your wedding comes around, we will be concentrating on your big then! This is the time that we need your patience with us … we never not respond to an enquiry that you send through. So, if you don’t hear from us for a bit, rest assured, we have your enquiry and are probably working at putting your proposal together or working on another couples wedding!


Next up, that awkward in between phase of booking and the final consult!

Talk soon,

Amy and Sara x