Flowers, flowers everywhere!

Flowers, flowers everywhere!

Posted on March 03 2023, By: Amy Mahony

Flowers, flowers everywhere!

We often get asked how we actually pick our flowers from our amazing suppliers; is it based on what we know works, what is in season, what we love or how they look on the day and the answer is, it's a bit of a combination of all of these!

When you initially enquire through A Beautiful Occasion, we ask you to send through a few inspirational images and this is so we can see your overall vision. When we have our final consult, this is the time to lock in your final colour palette because then we put the wheels in motion to actually order you wedding flowers!

Here are some common criteria that we consider when selecting flowers:

  1. Availability: We select flowers that are readily available in the market. This ensures that we can provide our customers with a wide range of options and fulfill your order. Sometimes there are natural events outside our control and this affects the flower availability (i.e. floods, heat waves, etc)

  2. Freshness: We look for flowers that are fresh and in good condition. We inspect the petals, stems, and leaves for any signs of damage or wilting. 

  3. Quality: We choose flowers that are of high quality. We prefer blooms that have a good shape, size, and texture. The quality of the flowers can affect their durability, fragrance, and overall appearance.

  4. Color: We select flowers based on your color scheme. We consider the occasion, the couples preferences, and the overall aesthetic of the wedding. 

  5. Seasonality: We also consider the season when selecting flowers. Some flowers are only available during certain times of the year, while others can be sourced year-round. Choosing seasonal blooms can ensure that the flowers are at their freshest and most affordable.

Overall, we use our knowledge and expertise to create beautiful and unique wedding floral designs that meet their your needs and preferences.