Wedding Arbour

Wedding Arbour

Posted on December 16 2022, By: Amy Mahony

Wedding Arbour

Over the years we have styled and attached florals to so many arbours, we thought it would be a good idea to put some of our pictures here so you can gather some inspiration for your own wedding!

Your wedding arbour is something of a statement piece. It acts as a backdrop for the ceremony and sets the theme for the whole wedding. After the ceremony, many guests use it as a chance to take a beautiful photo in front of and after all your guests have moved on, we generally move it to the reception to continue using a photo opportunity or put it somewhere to continue being enjoyed.

We have so many different options for wedding arbours. We have our beautiful circle of love which we have covered in just greenery, beautiful fresh flowers or a combination of both dried and fresh. Our triangle arbour has been used many times, and as you can see below, on Sunset Terrace at The Anchorage, it looked divine with our luxe faux palm leaves. Our heptagon arbour really creates a statement; we have used it so many times over the years and it is still a favorite among many couples. And lastly our classic two post arbour; no matter how you want this one styled, it will always look beautiful and make the statement you are after.

Now, we're seeing a trend of what we call a "split arbour structure" where there are two structures that have florals attached which the couple stands in-between. This has been incredibly popular over the last couple of months, and again, so versatile for uses after your ceremony.

Have something in particular in mind? Let us know and we can see how we can help you.

We look forward to helping you create your beautiful ceremony with one of our amazing arbours.

Amy and Sara