Posted on June 24 2023, By: Amy Mahony


Well, what would seem like a lifetime of planning is finally here; it's the day of your wedding! We have been working hard behind the scenes prepping for this day. We've been busy ordering flowers, picking them up and prepping; making sure we have enough staff for execution; if you've ordered stationery, making sure it is all perfect; printing your file and making sure we have everything clear and a plan in place. To say we have been busy behind the scenes, is an understatement.

So what actually happens this week? Well there are a few moving parts in the lead up to your wedding. 

If you're providing us with items to put out such as place cards, signage, wedding favours, guest books and things along those lines, we will generally ask you to drop these to our warehouse the week of your wedding. Why? Well we generally like to have everything all in one spot so we can allocate time to those particular jobs. 

We have recently decided that we are happy for you to come in and have a look at your wedding flowers to the day before your wedding ... this needs to be a booked appointment via email and we will have it all locked in to ensure we have enough staff on and know that you are coming. This will be a quick 10-15 minute look at the flowers to make sure the colours and type of flowers are correct. You might not be able to see your bouquets done as yet as we might not have had time to complete them, but you will be able to see the flowers which we are hoping will ease a lot of the uncertainty of some couples. 

You would have submitted your On The Day form to us which gives us all the information we need to be able to deliver your bouquets and buttonholes. It includes where you're staying, who your points of contact are, the finalised times of your ceremony and reception, vendors and if we are able to post to social media or not. This form is so important to us as it really gives us all the information we need to make educated decisions when it comes to putting our run sheet together.

We also ask you for the email addresses of the couple getting married and the Bride's main contact as we will be sending an information sheet to them regarding contact numbers for us on the day, important points regarding if you have any issues and some other things to think about.

The day of your wedding we will generally drop your bouquets to you at least 2 hours prior to your ceremony. If you are having first look photos which is becoming more and more popular, then it will be in plenty of time for your photos. We then deliver the buttonholes to the Groom and Groomsmen and if need be, we can pin them on to their jackets too, we just need to make sure all the jackets are in one spot, hung up ready to go!

We are then busy making sure we are setting up your ceremony and reception for your start times. This information is what you provide us with on your On The Day form, so if you tell us 2.00pm, we will make sure your ceremony it set up by the time your guests start arriving hence the importance of you advising us of the correct times! 

After your ceremony, we take key pieces back to the reception and place them either where we have spoken about or where we see best. You may or may not see us buzzing around during this time as you are getting your photos done or celebrating with family and friends ... and this is 100% normal!

Once your reception is all over, depending on the times that the venue has advised us that we need to remove all our items, we will come back and pack down our items. We strongly encourage you to have a key person in charge of taking things like the items that have been placed in the wishing well, disposable cameras and any other important items with them. Unfortunately we can't be responsible for this as sometimes we don't come back to the venue that evening. 

The days after your wedding, we will email and pester you for feedback and some sneaky pictures if you have them. We love seeing your professional images as we see your ceremony and reception from what we've set up, but not while you're all there celebrating! 

And last but not least, the last step, your professional photos!

Chat soon,

Amy + Sara