Port Stephens Wedding Florist

Port Stephens Wedding Florist

Posted on August 27 2020, By: Amy Mahony

Port Stephens Wedding Florist

WEDDING FLOWERS! Our absolute favourite … we LOVE talking about them; designing them; putting them together; delivering them; styling them and of course, seeing the beautiful photos of them.

Your choice of wedding flowers is so individual. When you initially enquire through us, you will notice that we ask you for LOTS of inspirational images. Why is this? Well, because “white and green” might mean something different to everyone, so for us, we actually want to see what you mean by “white and green”.

From this, we put lots of images on your proposal so you can get an overall feel for what we are talking about.

Over the course of your booking with us, we have a few different meetings, either in person or by phone, so we can really work out the flowers which ensures that we are all on the same page. At our meetings, we might show you images from previous weddings we have done so you can see our style.  These images might trigger something in you to say “Yes, this is what I want” or “No; they’re beautiful but not what I was after” and you know what? This is perfect, because we would rather know exactly what you are thinking than making assumptions. But please know, if we are every unsure or want clarification, we will always contact you for this.

On the day of your wedding we generally deliver your bridal bouquet and those for bridesmaids about 2 hours before your ceremony.  Upon drop off, we show you how to hold a bouquet which might seem a little weird, but how many times have you held a bouquet in your life?! We don’t want you or your bridesmaids to be hiding behind the flowers, we want them to compliment you, so we show you how to hold them to do just this.  Dropping them to you at this time also ensures that they are in peak condition for your ceremony and subsequent photos.  If it’s an incredibly hot day (and yes this happens A LOT!) we might drop them off closer to your ceremony, but rest assured, you will have them in plenty of time before walking down the aisle.

We also deliver all your buttonholes to your groom too and everything is labelled so they know which of is for who.  Ask any celebrant and they will tell you the amount of times they have had to attach a buttonhole for two for Grooms and their Groomsmen!

If you want to chat about wedding flowers for your Port Stephens wedding just jump over to our contact page and submit an enquiry.

Chat soon,

Amy + Sara